Affordable Gas
Affordable Gas
Affordable Gas
  • Havgas Development
  • Productivity Gain

Currently millions of tons of Charcoal are supplied by the Charcoal Sector to millions of low income households for domestic cooking. The charcoal is produced using very inefficient methods causing Deforestation, health problems & Environment damage. Kenyans are alarmed and angered by this in some instances resulting in riots. In response the Government instituted a charcoal ban and initiated a project to transition millions of charcoal users to LPG, subsquently calling on the Private sector to proceed with project.

The Havgas Solution

The Fusion Experience company has responded to this call by creating the Havgas solution which completely fits the charcoal users budgets comprising of a refillable 1/2 Gas cylinder holding of Gas lasting 3 days of cooking costing 110/-, an affordable Gas Stove used with the cylinder and a “Green” low cost door to door LPG delivery system deploying charcoal sector workers especially Women, Youths and people with disabilities.

Saving Manpower

With the current Gas delivery system, it takes on average 1 hour travel time + up to 100/- in transport cost to exchange a Gas cylinder. So for 1 million households, this translates to 1 million man-hours and 100 million /- wasted per month nationally exchanging cylinders With the Havgas system, 1 Gas-Biker delivers to 50 homes /day, allowing consumers to do other work, giving a 1:50 national productivity gain.

Job creation

1 million homes with Havgas provides good jobs for 20,000 Gas Bikers

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