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The Innovative Amazing Pan / Fusion Pan Cooks most Fresh Food recipes Consisting of Meat, Starch & Vegetables, without water, under 15 Minutes.

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What is Steam Fusion ?

Steam Fusion is a revolutionary way of cooking food using Steam, very fast under 15 minutes,  with No water at all (some water for Rice & Pasta ), it enhances Taste by infusing the seasoning deep in the food, using very little energy,  Saving money, releasing minimum noxious emissions and benefiting the Environment.

Illustrated below is a 2 Kg Meal of Chicken, potatoes and Veges cooked with Steam Fusion  without Water under 15 Minutes, Using only  4 ¢ US of  Gas or Electricity.

Fresh Foods contain 80% Water. Steam Fusion Cooks Fresh foods witho ut  water by drawing moisture from the food being cooked and makes precisely controlled steam. The seasoning previously applied to the food is “Infused” deep into the food which gives a better taste Experience. 

Start by boiling Potatoes, 1 Litre water, takes 30 mins, uses 15 ¢.
then fry/boil Chicken, 1 Litre water, takes 30 mins, uses 15 ¢.
lastly boil Veges, 1/2 Litre water, takes 20 mins, uses 10 ¢.

Range of foods cooked by Steam Fusion ( the list is not exhaustive)

Fusion Electric Cooker

Innovative Energy efficient Computer Controlled Electric cooker. Uses only of Electricity using no water for most meals. Won the British & International Invention of the Year Awards. ( prototype stage)

Fusion Gas Cooker

Innovative Energy efficient Computer Controlled Gas cooker. Uses only of Gas using no water for most meals. ( prototype stage)

Havgas Premium Stove

Innovative fuel efficient gas stove with many safety & convenience features

Havgas 0.5 kg Cylinder

Special Cylinder for low income households

Amazing Pan

Cooking Vessel with which a 3 part meal can be cooked under 15 Minutes
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