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A charcoal burner carbonizing charcoal
image from World Agroforestry

Currently the Charcoal Sector with over a million people engaged in Production, Distribution & Retail, supplies millions of Tons of Charcoal annually to millions of low income households.  The Charcoal is produced un-sustainbly using ancient production methods causing Deforestation, health problems & Climate damage. Kenyans are angered by this, blaming the Charcoal Sector & in some instances resulting in riots. The Government reacted by banning Charcoal production, and initiated a program to transition millions of low income households to LPG.

The success of the above well intended actions will spell doom for Charcoal sector workers, the majority single mothers. To avoid this, the Fusion Experience company has created an end to end solution making the problem the solution as follows:

  • Empowering the Charcoal Sector to supply our affordable gas to low income households,
  • Making Charcoal production Sustainable  using modern Charcoal making Kilns
  • Involving the entire Charcoal value chain in a massive tree planting program replacing all the trees that are cut to make charcoal.

Production Estimates:
Small and Medium Charcoal factories with modern Kilns produce between 35 and 70 Tons Charcoal per month. To produce the Kenya annual output of 3.1 million tons requires a combination of 6,000 Small and Medium sized Charcoal factories. Below is a typical lay out and finances of a Medium sized Green Charcoal producing Company.

Our products are delivered to your home at no extra cost by Youths, Women & Persons with disabilities. These are self employed contractors, trained and funded by various Saccos.

Our products are available at the Neibourhood Kiosk for those people who wish to collect their products instead of home delivery.

In order to meet the National target of 10% Forest Cover by 2022, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry calls on all Kenyans to help plant 1.8 billion seedlings Nationally over the next 5 years.  This translates to 360 million trees planted per year, or 30 million per month.
Averaged across the 47 Counties this equates to 638,298 Trees per Month per County.

The Fusion Experience Ltd, Green Energy Division responded to this call creating the Sponsa Hectare program: An End to End solution making the Problem the Solution by making the entire Charcoal Value Chain responsible for replacing trees cut for Charcoal, driven by Consumer demand.


Under the program, Children across the country grow seedlings in their backyard which they deposit at collection centers for a nominal reward. Once the Children have done this, the challenge to Adults is to transport them to rural areas, mainly Schools for planting and Nurturing to full maturity .

The Sponsa Hectare program motivates Corporate, Individuals, etc to fund the Seedlings logistics / transportation, planting and nurturing to maturity as detailed under Sponsa Hectare section.

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