The Fusion Experience is bringing to the Market a range of International award wining cooking products at affordable prices. Listed below are some of them, others in development.


The Fusion Experience Corporation is bringing to the market Steam Fusion, a Very Energy Efficient Cooking System and Appliances which Cook tasty food in a very short time, using very little energy with very little oil and no water.

The product won the British & International Invention of the year award in November 2012 on the basis of the following savings: energy saving - up to 90%, Low CO2 emissions, needing no Water for many foods.

The introduction and wide adoption of  SteamFusion cooking brings to the Country benefits with far reaching implications for Personal Health improvement, Energy & Water Saving, Time saving,  Job Creation and  Environmental Protection at National level.

  • Make the public aware of the Convenience, Financial, Health and Environmental benefits of the Steam Fusion Cooking method.
  • To introduce and run a commercially successful Marketing and sales channel for the FusionPans Country-wide.
  • Create a Marketing & Sales using Youth Enterprise Channel, thereby growing a cadre of Entrepreneurs and Contribute to youth Employment.
  • Contribute to the Protection of Environment

The FusionPan cooks food very fast, using very Little Energy, Very Little Oil & No water and the benefits are summarized below:

1. Convenience: It Takes 10 Minutes to cook a full 4 person meal  (Protein, Carbs & Veges), using only 1 Cooking pan.
2. Tasty: SteamFusion Infuses the Seasoning Flavors deep into the food
3. Nutritious: Steam Fusion cooking method retains most nutrients, destroyed by traditional methods.
4. Savings: Up to 90% Energy is saved, Compared to traditional cooking for the same amount of food.
5. Eco Friendly: Saves 100% Water when cooking non-dry food, Saves 90% Co2 compared to traditional cooking, no harmful chemicals.
6. Social Uplifting: Charcoal users in Developing Nations will realise ++ 50% savings in the 6 Months by switching to SteamFusion with a Gas Cooker.

Raw Chicken Meal Ingredients

Placed in FusioPan

Cooked After 10 Minutes

How Does It Work

Below is a sample selection of foods from which carbohydrates, protein & Vegetables can be combined to make a balanced diet.

Using steam fusion method, any combination of these foods can be cooked in 10 minutes using 1 pan, saving 90% energy  & with the exception of Rice & Pasta, using no water.

Carbohydrates Protein Vegetables
Potatoes - all types Chicken Cabbage
Yams - all types Beef Broccoli
Cassava Lamb Cauliflower
Bananas Pork Swede
Rice, Pasta, etc Fish, etc Carrots, etc

The Product & Cooking method will initially be targeted to the Middle-Class of the population, who by exposure, are better placed to appreciate the added benefits of the Product. In other words, instead of being “Just Another Pan”, this is a life style statement, and it will not sell well from Supermarket Shelves.

For these reasons, the route to market for this product will be using Person to Person selling, using the Youth Enterprise Channel, comprising of Youths graduated from Polytechnics & Universities 60 % of whom are currently unemployed.

The company is launching the Youth Enterprise Channel through which the products will be sold which works as follows:

  • After going through the selection process, successful candidates will be trained to a level of proficiency to demo and sell the products.
  • Successful candidates will need to raise a small “Seed Capital”  needed to buy the product for resale. This “Token” amount is essential to demonstrate initiative & commitment, needed in starting any small business: eg Raising Chickens, etc.
  • Since a large part of the Marketing of the product is going to be by Social Media, candidates must demonstrate good command of this medium of communication.

Is the Scheme only Open to Youth ?

The “Face book  &Twitter” generation are best suited to take on & propagate such new ideas through extensive use of Social Media.

Business / Entrepreneur Training:

In order to be successful, Youth Enterprise candidates  will participate in a short Intensive Business Training covering the following:

This is a Instructor-led, participative course involving theory & practical sessions.

Business & Entrepreneur Skills

Fusion Cooking Skills

Mode of operation:

The Youth Entrepreneur buys a number of FusionPans at list price and sells them to customers as often as sales allows.  At the end of the month, the company pays the YE the set sales commission.

In addition to sales, the YEs hold demo cooking sessions to new customers for which they get paid a set fee.

If the YE is unable to sell the stock or to continue in the scheme, they return any unsold stock  for a full refund as long as it’s not damaged.

The Company does the following things:

  • Carries out all the necessary marketing & promotional activities
  • Provides  warranty to Consumer for the products
  • Provides training to YE free of charge.

Sales Fee Plan

The above spreadsheet is for illustrative purposes, and it represents the bare minimum that a YE is expected to sell. Candidates who Excel in selling can upgrade too Master Agent status which assures a much higher level of business.

Field Demonstration Fee:

In addition to selling, the Youth Entrepreneur gets paid a set fee by furnishing proof of demonstrating FusionPan to 10 prospects.

The Steam Fusion cooking method can be used to cook a wide variety of local, commonly available foods eaten by the populace. If widely adopted this development can bring the the following benefits to the economy:

About Section

Social & Financial Benefits

Financial benefits:

Since Steam Fusion can cut down energy usage by up to 90%, a cooking gas cylinder can now last up to 5 times longer before needing to refill. The money thereby saved can be used for other things.

Job Creation

Providing Job Creation &Employment opportunities through the Youth Enterprise channel.

Improved Health

Since the cooking method uses very little oil, 1 or 2 tea spoons, the reduction in Oil & Fats consumption is conducive to better health.

Upward Social Mobility

By cutting down energy usage by up to 90%, suddenly the cost of Gas / Electricity becomes cheaper than Wood & Charcoal.

This enables a large section of the Lower-Middle class to improve on their lives by upgrading to gas and Electricity, thereby uplifting a significant section of folks.

By not requiring water to cook most meals, or the reduced Water usage removes the need to fetch water from long distances, reduces the risk of using untreated water.

National Benefit

Reduced Energy Usage: to 90% Power power saving.

The total Energy saved per year can remove the need to build another medium power station.

Environmental Benefits

Steam Fusion can cut down C02 emissions up to to 90%,  and offers Reduced No Water usage, and in many cases No Water usage at all.

This removes the need to build additional water capacity, and reduces the risk of using untreated water for some social sectors.

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